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The modern built environment has been developed in a context of readily-available, low-cost energy from highly concentrated fossil fuels. Today's global energy landscape has dramatically changed; energy costs have become significant in the operation of buildings, and the sector uses a major portion of the global resources of fossil fuels.


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In recent years a major focus of green building development in North America and internationally has been on setting up sustainable energy practices for the built environment. This focus has advanced energy conservation and efficiency measures for buildings; on-site clean energy generation is now positioned as a critical next step in meeting increasing energy demands while enhancing the functionality and comfort of buildings.

“Solar Architecture” as a green building concept addresses sustainable energy practices and the needs of the three major tiers of the built environment: community planning, existing buildings, and new construction.


Solar Technology

In the last few decades, technological leaps and the scaled-up production of solar panels have made solar power dramatically less expensive. What started as a technology used to power satellites, telescopes and other vehicles in outer space is now used in homes, office buildings and warehouses.

In many countries, huge solar farms cover acres of land. By the end of the decade, solar energy could become cheaper than local conventional electricity, and the continued growth of the industry could contribute as hundreds of thousands of jobs as a return all over the world.

Wind Technology

Wind power is an affordable, efficient and abundant source of domestic electricity. It's pollution-free and cost-competitive with energy from new coal- and gas-fired power plants in many regions. In 2011 alone, 3,463 turbines went up across the United States.

Today, American wind generates enough electricity to power more than 11 million homes, creates steady income for investors and landowners, and helps provide manufacturing, construction and operations jobs for 75,000 Americans.

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