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Industrial Equipments

All equipments about green energy

The energy landscape is constantly changing faster than ever. On the one hand, political decisions such as phasing out nuclear energy or the public shift of interest to "green energy" has put pressure on the industry to rethink their business strategy. On the other hand, rising oil prices and unstable political situations in certain OPEC countries are driving the need for both alternative energy and smarter energy distribution and use.

Arex is experienced on the segment of conventional and renewable energy – especially photovoltaic and wind power technology. Today we now support worldwide. We have expanded our know-how along the value chain – all the way down to grid technology for energy distribution. With our broad scope and our longstanding presence in these rapidly changing and fast growing markets, we can develop real value-adding strategies.


Forklift trucks for industrial purposes

High performance, durable forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. Over the 20 years, we have been providing forklift trucks designed to last and built to perform in some of the toughest and harshest environments in the world. Our comprehensive range of world wide brand forklift trucks and warehouse equipment enables you to choose the right lift truck for your application and the most capable tool to help improve your organisation’s effectiveness and get the job done.

All our materials handling equipment has been designed by the manufacturers and built to maintain the durability and serviceability and along with understanding our customers’ requirements, these values are at the heart of what we provide. By understanding that efficient materials handling is achieved by maximizing productivity for the lowest possible total cost of ownership, and to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of industries around the world.

We always follow the latest technological advancement and all brands' advantages. This enables us to supply you with the most effective and efficient products to achieve your operational goals. Helping you to find the right product for your specific requirements and maximize your operational efficiency, we offer a broad choice of LPG, diesel and electric powered lift trucks and warehouse equipment including pallet trucks, low and high level order pickers, stackers, and reach trucks. Together with our dedicated dealer network across Europe, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive materials handling equipment and cost-effective machine selection for use in a wide variety of industries and applications.


Warehouse handling equipments

Everything for storing high and stacking deep. Better transporting, stacking, order picking: Whether in narrow aisles, on lorries or ramps - with warehouse handling equipment from our product range, you can move a great deal. From low lift and high lift pallet trucks, through reach trucks or order pickers, right up to high bay stackers - Arex is already offering proven solutions for tomorrow's logistics problems.

Spare parts

Arex distributes branded warehouse material handling equipment to logistics equipment from TCM,Toyota,Heli,JAC,Nissan,Maximal, including Forklifts, Forklift spare parts, Electric Stacker, Electric pallet truck, Hand manual stacker, Aerial work platform, Crane, Dock lever, Jack, Lift table, Shelf, Electric truck, Drum equipment, Rolling doors, Conveyor and high quality industrial Conveyor Belting and so on.We ensure that products and service are complied with quality system, most of our products have the CE and GS certificate. Meanwhile, we hold one professional and passionate team, we provide not only the good quality products, but also the good service work. We look forward to your patronage and esteemed enquiries.


Solar Technology

In the last few decades, technological leaps and the scaled-up production of solar panels have made solar power dramatically less expensive. What started as a technology used to power satellites, telescopes and other vehicles in outer space is now used in homes, office buildings and warehouses.

In many countries, huge solar farms cover acres of land. By the end of the decade, solar energy could become cheaper than local conventional electricity, and the continued growth of the industry could contribute as hundreds of thousands of jobs as a return all over the world.

Wind Technology

Wind power is an affordable, efficient and abundant source of domestic electricity. It's pollution-free and cost-competitive with energy from new coal- and gas-fired power plants in many regions. In 2011 alone, 3,463 turbines went up across the United States.

Today, American wind generates enough electricity to power more than 11 million homes, creates steady income for investors and landowners, and helps provide manufacturing, construction and operations jobs for 75,000 Americans.

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